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Well-being Dimensions

Each dimension contributes to a quality of life, directly and indirectly affecting one another. 


At times, one may become more prominent than others. However, neglecting one dimension for a length of time has adverse effects on our overall health.

  • About 40 million adults in the United States are affected by anxiety disorders—which are often accompanied by depression. (National Institute for Mental Health)

  • Anxiety disorders cost the U.S. more than $42 billion per year. (National Institute for Mental Health)

  • 1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental disorders at one point in their life. (World Health Organization)

  • 44% of Americans report feeling more stressed out today than they did five years ago, with one in five Americans reporting experiencing extreme stress. (American Psychological Association Stress in America)


According to the research conducted at Duke University (USA), chronic stress damages the DNA, which in turn can cause many diseases, including cancer.


Stress is known to cause the release of the hormone adrenaline, which can negatively trigger the body, if imbalanced. It can impact the neural responses to the level of metabolism.

Between the pressure of meeting deadlines and working long hours....


It’s no surprise... the workplace is one of the leading causes of stress for the majority of Americans today.

If not treated, eventlyally, this stress that leads to reduced efficacy and productivity within the workplace.

01. Spiritual

Spiritual wellness encompasses searching for meaning and purpose in life, while being connected to something greater than yourself. It’s a way for people to find a sense of hope,  peace, and direction in their lives.


There are positive and negative emotions along the path of spiritual wellness that one can experience. It compels us to realize that we can’t consistently fight the negative emotions alone. It takes inner strength to pull the positive emotions out from within to maintain a sense of balance.


By incorporating spiritual wellness into our lives we begin to find our life’s purpose. 

Boxing Session

02. Physical

Physical wellness contributes to the proper care of our physical bodies. Eating the right types of foods coupled with exercise promotes maximum health and function. It is extremely important to your health and happiness to care for your physical body.


Our bodies need the right amount of sleep, food, exercise, proper hygiene, and relaxation for total wellness. All of these factors determine how our bodies will treat us. Intentional physicall wellness helps lift our mood, keeps us fit, and lessens the number of doctor's visits.


Changing your daily physical habits can shift your behavioral patterns which translates into a healthier lifestyle.

03. Emotional

Wholeness is the new pretty. We must become whole in our emotions so that we can operate optimally while better serving the ones we love. 

Our emotional health is linked to our quality of life.

emotional peace.jpg

04. Career

Most people spend a majority of their time at work or career focused, thus making this another dimension of wellbeing. If you don’t like the work you do, it causes emotional strain on your personal life.


This will negatively impact and disrupt the other dimensions of wellness.


Here are a few ways to improve your career wellness:

1)   Stay motivated to work towards your goals,

2)  Work in environments where your skillsets and talents are being challenged and utilitzed 

3)  Continue to improve your workspace - fill it with imagery, sounds, or/and smells that inspire you.

4)  Create healthy connections with your co-workers. 

05. Intellectual

Intellectual wellness inspires us to challenge our brain power. This can usually be done by reading or even just having a kind debate. By using our brain, it helps keep our neurons healthy by stimulation. 


When beginning your route to intellectual wellness be open-minded. There are an array of activities that can enhance this dimension of well-being. With an open mind, you can explore new ideas, skills and hidden talents you didn’t know you had. This also help with learning, problem-solving,  and critical thinking.

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06. Culture

We are constantly surrounded by people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, genders, ethnicites, abilities, and experiences. When we're closed minded, it prevents us from embracing new ideas. Understanding one's differences creates meaningful relationships and improves intellectual well-being. 


07. Social

Just like caring for a garden, social wellness has to be nurtured. We have a dire need to bond with others and it’s important to develop supportive, genuine, and healthy relationships. Having a social network allows you to grow and be at ease in social situations. 


Developing boundaries is key for any relationship. The level of intimacy that takes place in a relationship is determined by the type of relationship. Here are a few categories: Confidants, Friends, and Associates. When you set boundaries relationships it safeguards your time, heart, and energy. 




08. Financial

Money is essential to everyday living. It's our responsibility to properly steward what we have.  Money is attracted to stewardship. If we don't manage our finances well, we risk feeling burdened by fear and anxiety.

Financial soundness eases stress and there are many free resources readily available, you have to seek them out. For example, research Financial programs  and seminars in your area.  These types of programs will teach you how to build a healthy relationship with money.


Be patient with yourself, growth doesn't occur over night, Nevertheless, if you want longevity in your money mindset, consider accountability from a finance expert. 

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