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Experience a Year of Living Better ...

Are you ready to experience a year of living better? This summer, say YES to self-care. Putting yourself first isn't always easy as a woman, and we are here to help you NORMALIZE wellness.


By becoming a RESET summer exclusive member at Bold University, you'll have a full body experience, and a life shift. This unique wellness plan is integrated with luxury experiences.

We are currently accepting 10 women in the Central Florida area that's ready to recharge their health.


If you’re ready to RESET, secure your spot today…

Recharge Your  Health 

   Secure Your Spot 

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10 Slots


Fitness Studio


✓ Group  Fitness Training (Private Gym Space)


✓ Virtual Beauty Master Class


✓ 45 Minute Life Coaching Session


✓ Virtual Zumba Classes 


✓ Virtual  Nutrition Class


✓ Social Outing 

* BONUS: 30 Minute Massage Therapy 




(Value of $1999.00)

Wellness  Providers


Miguel Cruz 

Personal Trainer 

Miguel Cruz AKA MCKO is a former undefeated champion boxer who is now transforming lives through the art of boxing. Miguel has helped many individuals overcome anger, anxiety, and depression through his training programs. He has also helped many others develop a mindset that thrives in the face of adversity in everyday life. His biggest goal is to elevate others with his actions, words, and knowledge.


Florence Anderson-Simms 

 Massage Therapist

Florence “Flo” has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years. She's a pain management specialist that  practices many modalities such as deep tissue, therapeutic massage, hot stone, cupping, sports massage and prenatal just to name a few. She believes that health and wellness is a state of complete Harmoni where mind, body and soul are balanced.


Chelan Wilkins 

Holistic Nutritionist 

Chelan Wilkins is Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Women's health expert with over 5 years experience within the Natural Health & Wellness Industry.  With a passion for education, Chelan focuses on empowering women globally to love their bodies, while redefining their health and having a deeper understanding of their hormones, stress levels and nutrition. 


      Esther Adriana Santos 

         Beauty Coach 

Esther is a Beauty Coach who has worked in the Beauty Industry for over a decade.She believes in empowering and educating women on establishing self-care beauty rituals and routines which authentically embrace their feminine brilliance.

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