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Our Mission

Bold University is a faith-based wellness and leadership network for professional women.

Our mission is to put every woman first in such a way that their professional, spiritual, and mental health are improved and nurtured through our three pillars faith, leadership, and lifestyle.

About Us

At Bold University we focus on the total, body, and balance. We believe that wellness is a dimensional lifestyle, which is a personal initiative to be mastered through the management of your mind, body, and soul/spirit. Holistic living is our top priority. We want women to reap the benefits of a life full of mental, physical, professional, and spiritual wellness. 

  • We educate women by providing them with the right tools and resources to create optimal health.

  • We empower women by providing them with coaching techniques to design an authentic, healthy, and purpose-driven lifestyle.

  • We engage women by providing holistic wellness services: life coaching, massage therapy, recreational fitness, and wellness education.

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